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Want to bring your boat back to the UK?

If your boat is abroad and you are in the UK, wishing you were able to get back on the water, you’ve a difficult decision to make.

We have recently been contacted by a number of boat owners, whose vessels are currently moored overseas. The common thread of the enquiries was about them wanting to bring their boat back to a UK marina berth.

There seem to be different reasons why boat owners are wishing to bring their boats back to the UK.

Covid-19 is one of the most popular reasons for those who are currently berthing in Europe. With restrictions on travel in and out of countries. Along with ever-changing restrictions could mean that their boats could lay unattended for quite a while.

For boat owners who have their vessel in the Caribbean. They are looking to get their boats into safe quarters to avoid hurricane season.

So how did we help these boat owners and how can we help you?

If you are a boat owner looking to move your boat, we can help. We offer our independent advice and our free to use berth finder service. Save yourself time by allowing us to check availability of marina berths in your desired location. Don’t worry, our service will cost you no more than going direct to the marina yourself. It will however save you time and we may even be able to save you money.

If you would like us to help you with advice, quotations and organise your next marina berth please get in touch.

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