What is a lease marina berth

What is a lease berth?

If you have been looking through Triangle’s listings of marina berths for sale, you may wonder what a long-lease marina berth is.

You may also be thinking about what it is you’ll be getting if you buy a long-lease berth. After all, it’s not like buying a house, for starters the water on which your boat sits will change with each tide.

Nic explains more about buying a lease berth in the following podcast with Nomad Sailing.

What is a lease marina berth?

A lease marina berth offers you the right to moor your vessel in the marina in which the lease is assigned. Moorings tend to be assigned to a dedicated berth, but in some cases, it’s the right to moor in the marina as a whole. This right is for a predetermined length of time.

Where can I find lease berths?

Leases are very popular in marinas across Europe. You will find some marinas are exclusively operated this way. In the UK these berths do exist but in selected marinas only. In the UK lease berths will not make up a whole marina, so you will have a mixture of lease berths owned by individuals and berths rented annually by the marina themselves. 

How do I buy a lease berth for my boat?

First off, take a look at the berths that we have available currently. If you don’t see the marina or berth you are looking for then please contact us. We would be delighted to assist in either the sale or purchase of a marina berth.

I own a marina, how can I introduce a lease berth programme?

Since 1990 Triangle has assisted marina operators in introducing lease berthing schemes. A long lease program can be an attractive offer when building a new marina or extending an existing one. Providing finance upfront as well as introducing berth holders who will have a vested interest in the marina doing well.