A male and female superyacht crew with two glasses of champagne standing onboard a superyacht

Superyachts, keeping your crew happy.

As the owner, manager or captain of a superyacht, you know that one of the key elements of managing the boat is to keep your crew happy. Having a happy, motivated crew will help keep your yacht in tip-top shape and it will also help reduce crew churn.

Selecting the right marina is one critical decision that can impact the overall satisfaction of your crew. We chat below about why this is and how we can help secure the perfect berth for your superyacht.

Crew Comfort and Well-being

The crew is the backbone of any superyacht, working tirelessly to provide a flawless experience for the guests on board. Opting for a marina that prioritises crew comfort and well-being can make a world of difference. Marinas with modern amenities, comfortable accommodations and recreational facilities will contribute to a positive working environment, fostering a happier and more motivated crew.

Marinas as professional as your crew

Selecting a marina with a reputation for excellent services and professionalism is crucial for the seamless operation of your superyacht. A marina that offers reliable concierge services, efficient fueling stations and skilled technical support will help the crew focus on their duties without having to worry that they aren’t getting the land-based support they need.

Marina security

The safety of the superyacht and its crew is of paramount importance. Choosing a marina with surveillance systems, security personnel and in some marinas gated barriers to the superyacht pontoon will help provide peace of mind for both the crew and the owner.

Easy access to amenities

Superyacht crews have demanding schedules. When it comes to time off, access to amenities and services nearby will help them when it comes to recharging. Opting for a marina with easy access to shops, restaurants, and recreational activities will help to keep your crew happy.


Staying connected is crucial for both work and leisure. Choosing a marina with reliable internet and a modern infrastructure ensures that your crew can stay in touch with their loved ones and manage the vessel effectively.


Choosing the right marina for your superyacht is not just about finding a place to dock. It’s about creating an environment that fosters crew satisfaction, safety, and efficiency.

Triangle can help offer you berths suitable not only for your yacht but that will also work for your crew. We have superyacht berths for sale and for rent. Get in touch to chat about how we can help you and your crew today.