£15 Superyacht charter on AWOL

On the dock – 10th July 2020

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Enjoy a week on a Superyacht for just £15

How would you like to treat your family and friends to a week onboard the multi-award-winning San Lorenzo Superyacht AWOL? Well, you can do just that by entering a raffle.

As well as running this awesome vessel. Superyacht Captain Tristian Mortlock has a very popular YouTube channel. Where you can find out lots of fantastic information about life on a Superyacht.

He is running the raffle to enable one of his YouTube followers to enjoy the experience of a lifetime aboard AWOL.

To buy a ticket, click here. If you were to become the lucky winner, please don’t forget your friends at Triangle Berth Brokers when it comes to selecting your fellow guests!

Steve Goodchild with boat Barnacle coming through his patio door

How boat building can result in a spot of house DIY

If you are a fan of the US drama NCIS, you will regularly see the lead character Jethro Gibbs building a boat in the basement of his home. A question that we often ask is how does the finished boat leave the basement? Of course, this is a TV show and in all honesty, it’s just a prop to the story.

However what if you started to build a sailing dinghy in your home. Modified the design during the build and then struggled to get it out of your house? That’s exactly what happened to Steve Goodchild from Paignton.

Steve has spent 9 hours a day for the past three months finishing off the wooden Stornaway that he started to put together in 2017. ‘Barnacle’ as she was named could not make it out onto the patio. This is as Steve said he was “being a bit inventive”; Goodchild added a deck to it which meant it got “fatter and wouldn’t go through the door frame”

The answer was to remove the patio door. “It was a very tight fit but we managed,” Mr Goodchild said.

Boats on a river watching a cinema screen in Paris

Could this be the start of something new? Boat Cinema!

If you are looking for an easy way to maintain social distance whilst enjoying a movie then look no further. The organisers of Paris Plages will be showing Gilles Lellouche’s film, Le Grand Bain on Saturday, July 18th.

There will be 38 electric boats in Bassin de la Villette. Each can accommodate up to 6 people from the same household. There will also be 150 deckchairs in the Paris Plages area. For those who aren’t lucky enough to be on a boat.

Paris residents have until July 15th to enter the draw for tickets.

Having watched Jaws myself in an outdoor cinema in Greece many moon’s ago. I would say this will be a great event. Unless you need the bathroom partway through the movie. That may not be so much fun!

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