why popular marina berths go before they are advertised

Why popular marina berths go before they are advertised

If you are looking to buy or rent a yacht berth in a popular marina or location. You will want to be the first to know when a suitable berth becomes available.

It can take time for you to keep on top of checking listings. You may have even gone so far as to set up a Google alert!

Then it can be disappointing to find that you have just missed out on your perfect berth. Even if it does lead you to become more determined that the next berth will be yours.

Rather than doing all the leg work yourself, why not let the team at Triangle Berth Brokers help?

Each quarter we sell at least one marina berth that we haven’t advertised.

These berths were in popular marinas. Had our clients not been quick off the mark with their offers, they’d have lost out to another buyer.

How can we help you?

Clients who buy these berths are those who have been in contact with us and have been specific in telling us what type of mooring they were looking for.

We knew their budget, what size berth they required, the general area or specific marina they were interested in plus any other information they felt we needed to know.

By knowing the specifics of what they were looking for. We were able to add an extra set of eyes looking for their ideal berth.

Whilst our clients are busy with their day job, we were busy with ours. Helping to find them the perfect marina berth.

We may be the only marina berth brokerage in the UK. However, we do have a trusted network of berthing professionals that we work with across the world.

So when we or one of our contacts take the perfect listing, we call our client and ask them to make a reasonable offer. Being ready to place an offer enabled us to secure the berth for them.

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If you have a location where you’d like to moor your boat, then don’t just keep it to yourself,  please get in touch. Let us save you time searching.

All that we ask is that you are in a position to make a fair and reasonable offer when the opportunity arises.