What can an independent berth broker do for me?

What can an independent berth broker do for me?

If you are a boater who is looking for a marina berth, using an independent broker can be invaluable to the process. But why should you engage their services rather than going it alone?

Are you a boat owner looking for a berth to buy or sublet/rent a marina berth?

• Firstly, a berth broker’s independent advice won’t cost you a penny. However, it will be invaluable during your search. If you are looking for a yacht berth to rent annually, the prices quoted by Triangle will be the same as going to the marina directly.

• Your berth broker will have up to date, current listings of berths that are for sale, rent or sublet.

• If none of the marina berths listed fit your needs, get in touch. They will search and offer you options. If nothing is suitable, they will keep your details on file so that they have your details to hand when a suitable marina berth becomes available.

• If you are looking for an annual berth to rent. Your independent berth broker may have a sublet available at the same marina. Not a lot of people are aware that some marina berths are owned by individuals and not the marina group.

• By subletting one of these marina berths you are usually able to save VAT (in the UK) vs the cost of renting the berth directly from the marina.

• You will be saving yourself time and avoid having to hear lots of sales pitches. A good independent berth broker will ask you questions to determine what kind of boater you are, and what you are looking for in a marina. They can then offer you options. Once you have decided on a marina, your berth broker will work with your chosen marina to complete any paperwork. You will usually pay the marina directly for the berth. It will be the same price as you would have got going direct.

If you are a boat owner looking for a marina berth to rent or to buy, then please get in touch with Nic and Marie at Triangle Berth Brokers. Let us help you find the perfect marina berth for you and your vessel.

Do you own a marina berth and are thinking of selling or subletting?

• A well-established berth broker will have a list of clients who are actively looking for berths. This could mean that your berth may get sold or sublet quickly.

• Your independent berth broker knows the market. As with any other product, prices rise, they also fall. You can be sure of sound advice when it comes to putting a price on your marina berth.

• Berth brokers will have dealt with the complex nature of buying or subletting a marina berth before. They will know who to work with to ensure the process is as simple as it can be. This will help keep all parties happy and minimise any chance of your berth sale or let stalling.

• Independent berth brokers are few and far between. During your search, you will find boat brokers and estate agents that broker berths. As you can probably appreciate, they are experts in selling boats or houses and not marina berths.

Our advice – If you want to sell a boat, go to a boat broker. If you want to sell a house go to an estate agent. If you want to sell a berth, go to a berth broker.

Triangle is part of the Waterside Properties network that specialises in waterside homes. We are on hand to offer advice to their estate agents and homeowners about boat moorings and pontoons on properties.

Why Triangle Berth Brokers?

Triangle is Europe’s leading independent berth brokerage. Since 1990 we have specialised in the sale and sublet of marina berths and moorings in the UK and Europe.

For further information contact Nic or Marie at info@triangleberthbrokers.com , 07736 697915, www.triangleberthbrokers.com