Waterside Life magazine issue 30

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Would you like to live by the sea? It’s a dream that a lot of people have. For those of us who love to play and work on the water. It can end up with lots of hours spent perusing homes for sale on or near to the water. It can also lead to dreams of winning the lottery!

In November 2019 Triangle joined the Waterside Property network. Estate Agents make up the majority of the network as well as ourselves and a boat broker. This means that the majority of the listings are of houses for sale and rent that are located on or near the water.

Waterside Properties print the Waterside Life magazine. The magazine is It’s usually distributed via all members of the network. You may have picked up a copy yourself from a stand outside of one of the agent’s offices. We and other agents also drop copies off to libraries, cafes, pubs and surgeries.

Since the outbreak of Covid-19 printing, the magazine has been a hot topic. Mainly due to the recent inaccessibility of some high streets in the UK and the ongoing lockdown in Wales and Scotland. To ensure the safety of all readers and the ability to keep them abreast of latest news and listings. It was decided that the new issue of Waterside Life magazine should be available online.

If you would like to view the latest edition of Waterside Life magazine, please click here.

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