Looking for a River Hamble Marina berth

Looking for a berth on the River Hamble?

River Hamble on the UK’s South Coast is home to eleven marinas. If researching a new marina berth, even the most time rich of boaters would tire of contacting them all. It can be time-consuming to get prices and check facilities and that’s where Triangle can help you.

One of the services offered by Triangle Berth Brokers is helping you navigate (pardon the pun) the annual berths on offer in your chosen location. Whether this is in and around Hamble, another location in the UK or abroad. The reason we regularly refer to Hamble is it’s one of the busiest locations in Europe for pleasure craft to moor.

We understand that busy boaters don’t have the time, or patience to listen to sales spiels from all of the marinas. In fact, you may not even be aware of all of the marinas in the area.

Hamble Point Marina aerial photo

So we take the time to find out what kind of marina you are looking for. Then come back to you with quotes for the most suitable marinas in your chosen area.

Using our berth finder service will cost you NO MORE than going direct, however, it will save you time. The marinas who offer us quotes will also let us know of any applicable special offers. You won’t miss out on any offers in renting your berth via Triangle Berth Brokers.

If we have sublets available in the area you are considering, we will also let you know about them. Renting a sublet berth can be a great way of saving money on your marina berth rental. In the UK, for example, this could be saving as great as 20% as often no VAT is due.

On the River Hamble, we tend to have sublets available at Hamble Point Marina and occasionally at Port Hamble and Mercury Yacht Harbour. A word of warning, these berths can go quickly. A 20% saving is an attractive proposition to any boater. With Hamble Point Marina being at the bottom of the River Hamble, it’s a popular marina as it’s a matter of minutes onto Solent Water.

Port Hamble Marina

Once you have made your choice we will help to organise your paperwork with the marina. Making the transition from your current mooring as simple and straightforward as we can.

If we can help organise a berth for you to moor your boat please get in touch. We partner with some fantastic marinas and privately owned berths. Offering you a one-stop shop in finding your next marina berth.

How can Triangle Berth Brokers help you?

✅ Triangle offer independent advice on both independent and group marinas

✅ We can obtain prices along with any special offers on your behalf – using Triangle will cost you no more than going direct

✅ We will advise you of any sublets available which are suitable

✅ Help to arrange paperwork with the marina

✅ You will save time and hassle and you may even save some money

☎️ Get in touch today to talk about what you are looking for and how we can help.