Welcome to Torquay Marina

It’s never just about the berth. Welcome to Torquay Marina

When you are looking at moving into a new marina berth, it’s important not just to look closely at the marina, but what surrounds it.

This is where Triangle Berth Brokers can help. We try to match boat owners with a berth that is best for them. We understand that if you are planning to spend a lot of time tied up to your berth then you’ll probably want more in the surrounding area than a boater who is planning to spend their time cruising.

Nic and Marie will take the time to ask you the questions we need to help you moor up your boat in a marina that will be right for you.

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Facts we found out about Torquay, Devon

• Torquay’s original name was Torrequay, then it was Torkay, next it was Torkey, it then became known as Tor Quay, before finally joining the words together to make Torquay.
• In 1927 the world’s oldest jaw bone fragment was discovered in Kent’s Cavern, Torquay.
• In 1948 the Summer Olympics watersports were held in Torquay.
• The Torbay Picture House is believed to be the oldest surviving purpose-built cinema in Europe.
• It’s a good job you’ll have your boat to stay on as Torquay is the home to the TV series Fawlty Towers.
• Apparently Torquay has more attractions than any other resort in the UK.

Why Triangle?

Triangle is Europe’s leading independent berth brokerage. Since 1990 we have specialised in the sale and sublet of marina berths and moorings in the UK and Europe.

• For boat owners, we aim to link them with the perfect marina for them to berth their boat.
• For berth owners we offer the facility to list their marina berth for sale or marina berth for sublet.
• For marinas or new developments, we are able to offer consultation services. We are then able to sell lease berths or rent marina berths on their behalf.

For further information get in touch.