Save money on your marina berth rental

How to save money on your marina berth rental

Are you looking to save money on your marina berth rental? Then read on as what we are about to tell you is not common knowledge!

For the majority of boaters, renting a berth each year is the norm. For some that may be a mooring or buoy in a river location for others, it will be in a marina. It’s down to personal choice and circumstance.

Akin to the house rental market, marina berths tend to be more costly in the South than the North. The more facilities on offer can also add extra 000’s onto the price of your annual berth.

In some marinas, not all of the berths are owned by the marina group

If you weren’t aware, in some marinas, not all of the berths are owned by the marina group. This is pretty common in the Mediterranean, where the operator has the concession to run the marina for a number of years. They then sell marina berths on a lease for the length of the franchise.

In the UK there are also a few marinas who have lease berths on their pontoons. In fact, this is how Triangle Berth Brokers started out. We wrote and sold the initial leases and continue to sell the berths when the berth owner wishes to sell.

So how can you save money on your marina berth?

The owner of the lease berth may decide to sell their boat or go travelling. This would leave their berth empty. If their lease allows, they can sublet the berth.

At Triangle, we work with lease berth owners across the UK and Europe. We help by advertising their empty berths and help them to find tenants to sublet their berth.

Many of the UK marina berth owners are not VAT registered. This allows us to sublet their berth at a 20% reduction vs renting from the marina directly.

What if I can’t find anything suitable on our website?

If you can’t find what you are looking for please get in touch. Let us know what type of marina berth you are looking for.

We occasionally have berths listed that never make it onto our website. This is because we have clients, like you, who have told us what they want.